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The Development Prospect of Snow melting Agent?

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The Development Prospect of Snow melting Agent

The snowmelt agent can be divided into two kinds: inorganic snow melting agent of chlorine salt and organic snow melting agent of non-chlorine salt.

Chlorine salts snow melting agents include sodium chloride, calcium chloride, magnesium chloride and so on. The price is low and the range of application is wide, but its harm to the environment is serious, which results in the injury of road and bridge, and shortens the service life of road and bridge.

The main components of organic snow melting agent are sodium acetate, magnesium acetate, calcium acetate and so on. The snow melting agent has good deicing effect, is helpful to the growth of surrounding plants, has no harm to roads and bridges, and has no damage to the environment. But the price is too high, generally used in airports and other important places.

The above two kinds of snow melting agents have congenital deficiency in use, but when snow disaster causes traffic difficulties, especially endangering personal safety. Improper handling or untimely treatment may affect the economic development of cities and countries, and even lead to local traffic paralysis and large-scale accidents. When manual and mechanical snow removal is not adequate, snowmelt must be used to remove snow.

Therefore, it is urgent to develop a harmless and efficient environmental protection snow melting agent. The compound environmental snow melting agent developed by our company is made of compound processing with sodium formate and high efficiency corrosion inhibitor. It has the characteristics of good fluidity, low impurity content, fast snow melting speed, good thawing effect, low environmental pollution, low corrosiveness, wide application and good economy. On the basis of low price, it can ensure its snowmelt ability and control the corrosion of roads and bridges.

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